Blasted Canyons 2nd Place


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Label # CF 012UPC
Street DateMarch 20th, 2012
Label # UPC 084854255090
Street DateMarch 20th, 2012
Label # UPC 084854255090
Street DateMarch 20th, 2012

BLASTED CANYONS—HEATHER FEDEWA, ADAM FINKEN and MATT JONES—return with their second release for Castle Face. Heather and Matt initially started the band to play an art opening at MoMa which ended with everyone getting kicked out. Matt met Adam handing out mushrooms on the 4th of July and together they convinced a crew of similarly fucked up strangers to light fireworks off the roof. Together, they round robin instruments and crush huge riffs, singalongs, caveman  drums, and gooey synthesisers into thrashy wizard rock for weirdos that dig dorky shit but aren't total dorks about it. Six songs. Pressed on one-sided vinyl with a lazer etching onthe B-side. Artwork by JOE ROBERTS. Includes a download.


  1. #1 Get High
  2. #2 Liquid Fiend
  3. #3 Holy Geometry
  4. #4 Finken's Lament
  5. #5 Manson Eyes
  6. #6 Glass On Your Pillow
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