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BACK IN STOCK AT A NEW LOWER PRICE!!! "YouTube noise rock cult legend TONETTA (sometimes referred to as his channel's name, TONETTA777) has signed with Black Tent Press, the same label that put out David Pajo's handheld cassette-recorded record of Misfits covers. Tonetta's new record 777 is kind of a greatest hits collection selected from his dozens of videos that were available on YouTube until they banned his account and deleted everything he had posted. Several fans have kept the dream alive by reposting a number of his more popular jams, but until this album's release, recordings of Tonetta's music have been somewhat elusive. For example, one of my favorite Tonetta songs, ‘Why Suicide?’ was a victim of this YouTube purge and I have been completely unsuccessful at locating this video or song elsewhere on the web. And that's why it's so awesome that Black Tent Press is delivering this 500-pressing of Tonetta's record. It seems that the production has been bumped up a bit... but the 'original' versions may have merely suffered from streaming YouTube distortion."—Garbage Days Two-color serigraph print 140-gram vinyl plus CD. Edition of 500 copies.

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777 Vol. 3
Black Tent Press