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A Funeral For The World

Cruz Del Sur
LP $21.75


CRUZ 552 

"There's plenty of solid heavy metal coming from New York these days, and one of the newer acts to hit the scene is Sanhedrin, with their debut album A Funeral For the World now finding the band onto the Cruz Del Sur roster of exceptional artists. Comprised of ERICA STOLTZ, JEREMY SOSVILLE and NATHAN HONOR. Sanhedrin blend classic metal, hard rock, and doom for a potent brew, the vocals of Stoltz leading the charge every step of the way with her powerful delivery. She's got a great voice, but don't expect angelic, ethereal passages from this singer, instead she has a style well suited for crushing metal, which fires on all cylinders on kick ass cuts like 'Riding on the Dawn,' the galloping, NWOBHM styled thumper 'Demoness,' the doom laden title track, and the somewhat proggy, epic sounding 'Collateral Damage.' Think of her as a leaner, meaner Doro, and you have an idea of the talents of Erica. Her bandmates are equally as notable, especially Sosville, who cranks out a wealth of crunchy riff-o-rama and blistering guitar solos throughout, none more impressive than on the massive 'No Religion,' an atmospheric slab of epic metal, majestic fingerpicked arpeggios one minute and then anthemic power chords the next, of course Stoltz soaring over the top and Honor rumbling acrobatically underneath. It's all top shelf, fist in the air, air guitars out in force type stuff here on A Funeral For the World, an album that doesn't let up till the last dying gasps of the chugging closer 'Die Trying.' This is a trio destined for great things, so make sure you don't miss this very potent debut."—Sea of Tranquility

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