Sole A Ruthless Criticism Of Everything Existing


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Label # BCR 11 CDUPC 845121052749
Street DateNovember 13th, 2012
Label # UPC 845121052749
Street DateNovember 13th, 2012

Sole‚Äôs first solo album in seven years is about resistance, power, global revolution and philosophy. The title is lifted from a Marx letter by the same name.  This avant-garde hip-hop album takes the rap-as-critical-theory aesthetic that Sole has developed over the past few years on the Nuclear Winter mixtapes to a more concrete and original musical format. Following up on the critical success of Hello Cruel World, A Ruthless Criticism is the next logical step in this development of rap music; it is challenging and sometimes poppy while still pushing things in a more experimental, belligerent and militant direction. Like Sole‚Äôs previous solo albums, A Ruthless Criticism of Everything Existing has a multitude of collaborations with various producers, and features Busdriver, Alias, Open Mike Eagle, Alias, Ryan Hemsworth, Ausker, Factor, Man Mantis and others.


  1. #1 Non Workers of the World (feat. William Ryan Fritch)
  2. #2 Last Earth (feat. William Ryan Fritch)
  3. #3 Assad Is Dead (written by Pedestrian)
  4. #4 Denver Nights
  5. #5 Never Work
  6. #6 The Untouchables (feat. Green Carpeted Stairs)
  7. #7 The Void Which Binds (feat. Real Magic)
  8. #8 Letter to a Young Rapper
  9. #9 Young Sole
  10. #10 Animal
  11. #11 The Inferno
  12. #12 Definition of Slave (feat. Open Mike Eagle)
  13. #13 Ruthless
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