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CD $13.00

04/11/2006 655035211329 

FPS 013 

We have all heard that seemingly axiomatic phrase “supergroups suck.” 7 Year Rabbit Cycle may be a super group but they don’t suck. Guitarist Rob Fisk (who gets genuinely hot under the collar when he hears the word “Bigfoot”) was a founding member of Deerhoof who not only co-wrote all of that band’s material for six years but also designed the artwork and created the group’s mythological identity. He also plays with Ben Chasny (Six Organs of Admittance) in the improv-folk project Badgerlore. Vocalist Kelly Goodefisk was also a member of Deerhoof circa Holdy Paws and exists as a not-so-shadowy presence in the Free Porcupine Society. Drummer and percussionist Ches Smith has performed with a who’s who list of alt-improv legends including John Zorn, Tom Waits, Fred Frith, Nels Cline, Wadada Leo Smith, and Mr. Bungle. This guy can go from klanging with knitting needles à la Sunny Murray to blanketing listeners in such powerful rainstorms of thud that the ceiling should be checked for damage. Also on board is past contributor turned full-fledged member Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu on vocals and guitar.   Ache Horns, the band’s third full-length, was recorded over a six-month stretch of downtime in 2005 between tours. Imagine The Ex trying to break up a fight between US Maple and GodSpeed! You Black Emperor and you’ll begin to fathom what the band has achieved, thanks in large part to new members Stewart and Smith and stellar contributions from guests George Chen (K.I.T.), ambient noise artist Grouper and violist George Behringer. 7 Year Rabbit Cycle will be touring the U.S. with Grouper in Fall, 2006.


  1. #1 Untitled

  2. #2 Puppies

  3. #3 Pirate

  4. #4 Historic C Ranch

  5. #5 1234

  6. #6 Wren

  7. #7 This Makes Me A Bar Burner

  8. #8 Magic Yam Part 2

  9. #9 On A Lake Of Blood In A Boat Made Of Skin

  10. #10 Ciabatta

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