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Afternoon Tea
CD $15.50

11/30/2009 880319430428 

BT 003 CD 

***It's the people involved in Afternoon Tea—originally released in 2000 on German label Ritornell and now reissued on Black Truffle with a new master, bonus tracks and newly discovered live recordings after years of being out of print—that ensured it was more than a happy accident. The twin guitar presence of AMM's KEITH ROWE and OREN AMBARCHI and kindred spirits of the laptop—Sydney's PIMMON, Vienna's CHRISTIAN FENNESZ and PETER REHBERG—made it a momentous day. With all the players coming together during the 2000 What Is Music? Festival (co-curated by Ambarchi), Afternoon Tea stands as a highpoint of the then-emerging intersection between Powerbook performance and guitar improvisation. All subtlety, nuance and detail, it is a revelation of restraint. Built on a steadying flow of burbling rhythm, the quintet slowly weave around each others' sonics in layers, creating a tonal palette immersive in its atmosphere and magnetic in its compulsion.

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