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Aura (sativa)


Aura (sativa)

Lion Productions
LP $20.60

11/01/2011 778578311810 

LION 118 

***AURA was a San Francisco Psych-Funk band that formed in 1974 and played extensively throughout Northern California. By 1976, the band recorded their first and only album at Pacific Recording Studio in San Mateo. The original title of the album was meant to be Sativa, but out of fear that promoting the joys of marijuana would be too controversial, the band omitted the title and just left it as Aura. Over the ensuing decades, the Aura album has grown in stature to become a major soul/funk collector's item. In 1991, the Oakland hip-hop band, Oaktown’s 357 (MC Hammer’s Salt-N-Pepa type band) sampled 'Mess Up Your Mind' for their song 'Turn It Up,' which also helped to raise the profile of the Aura album to cult status. As a strange side note, it was the producer of underground psychedelic band the LEMON DROPS, REGGIE WEISS, who wrote the psych-funk title track, 'Sativa' (a parody of The Champs hit song 'Tequila,' with water pipe sound effects and blistering guitar leads by former Lemon Drops guitarist, EDDIE WEISS) and 'Skyrocket' (with manic fuzz guitar). The lead singer of Aura was PAULETTE COLLINS, who still performs around the Bay Area today with an all-girl group called THE TAYLOR P. COLLINS BAND. High quality vinyl reissue, printed on old-school tip-on jacket.