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Souvenirs Of The Eternal Present

Baker, Aidan

Souvenirs Of The Eternal Present

MC $10.25



***It is hard to find another contemporary artist as prolific as AIDAN BAKER. Since the year 2000, and across a multitude of aliases, Aidan, often accompanied by a revolving cast of collaborators, has unveiled recording after recording at a rate of productivity which makes even a year in the life of Aidan Baker (or his most prominent alias NADJA) look like the entire discography of many other well documented artists. That in itself is quite a feat, but taking that into account along with the clear, stylistic sovereignty of each of his recordings makes Aidan Baker that rare combination of multitudinousness and creative reinvention, where regardless of what elements and instruments make up a recording, they simultaneously sound unlike anything else before, yet somehow clearly possess the artistic DNA of Aidan Baker. 
An aspect of this is his fondness of ethereal elements, which is a distinctive thread running through Souvenirs Of The Eternal Present. In this incarnation, and in juxtaposition to the “slow grow” of recordings more akin to the Nadja moniker, these atmospheric builds and layers are intertwined within a framework of pace quickening rhythms, akin to the end result of some parallel universe where Godspeed You Black Emperor and Bohren and Der Club of Gore are somehow commix. 
In terms of art, and its relationship to its complimenting artifact, each side of this cassette (which is made up of a total of 5 separate passages in total) is meant to be taken in as a side as a whole, as one would a diptych or triptych. Thus, as a cassette presentation, one side gives way to the other at exactly the rate the reels spool, and is meant to be taken as such, as opposed to a collection of tracks in of themselves. Includes a download.