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Commissioned Music

Bargeld, Blixa

Commissioned Music

CD $18.60

02/23/2010 4047179197922 

POTOMAK 919792 

***Originally released in 1995, this is the solo debut release from legendary EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN performer/vocalist/actor/musician, BLIXA BARGELD. Commissioned Music collects several of Bargeld's work for theater and film. Features a collaboration with his replacement in the BAD SEEDS, ROLAND WOLF, for the film Jahre Der Kälte and theatrical piece Dumpfe Stimmen (which includes Bargeld's incredible and Lynch-ian rendition of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"). Commissioned Music features a wide swathe of minimal instrumentation—chimes paired with bass, lyre with glockenspiel, piano with shimmering slide guitar and droning, static-y electronics to create darkly ambient mood-pieces, and smoky theatrical numbers from behind the black velvet curtain. The music for Jahre Der Kälte is based on a cadence by Franz Schubert. Blixa's vocals cover all his usual spectrums: from parlor-croons, to deep-as-graves intonations, to high death-rattle aspirations. An essential collection for all true Blixa Bargeld and EN fans