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Break Monger

Battle Breaks Advanced Proto

Jew Jitsu
LP $11.25

06/05/2007 779977101019 

JJR 1010 

The assault in on! Attention all turntablists, DJs and producers: BREAK MONGER’s Battle Breaks Advanced Proto album is here. After the first and second wave of attacks from Break Monger’s Heavy Artillery - Battle Plates 1 & 2, which hit the DJ world by storm and received a great response worldwide for unique, off-center sound fx and beats, the master is back. The demand for Break Mongor vinyl, which called for several limited represses of both volumes, has sent him back into the studio. Now BM has returned, this time in conjunction with Chisel Sounds and Jew Jitsu Records, to release yet another arsenal of his explosive sound fx, beats, tones, dialogue samples and battle phrases for the ever growing and demanding turntablist battle ground.

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