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Parking Lots / Pallet Stacking


Parking Lots / Pallet Stacking

X! Records Detroit
7" $5.60


X! 021 

***BEEKEEPERS have operated in their own singularly elusive way in Detroit for the past decade or so leaving a scattered handful of CDRs, tapes, and lineups in their wake. This is the debut 7" release by these introverted weirdos and X! Records couldn't be more pleased. The A-side "Pallet Stacking" alone is well worth the price of admission. The dark, repetitive bass line sets the tone for deadpan, tongue-in-cheek vocals featuring some of the oddest/most genius lyrics we've heard in a while. Paranoid hopelessness with a sense of humor. Tasteful sax playing that knows how to build tension and when to freak out. Unsettling synth work in the background. This one is a slow burner for sure. Stands up well to multiple listens. Lazy comparisons that don't quite describe how Beekeepers sound: The "anything goes" spirit of The Cravats with more of a dazed/jazz agenda than a punk agenda. Soft Machine/Supersister rock/jazz attempts but more midwestern and "DIY" influenced, for lack of a better term. Listen to it while having a weird day.

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