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Polytheistic Fragments

Bishop, Sir Richard

Polytheistic Fragments

Drag City
LP $17.75

04/22/2014 781484034919 


CD $13.75

09/25/2007 781484034926 

DC 349 CD 

***BACK IN STOCK!!! “Is SIR RICHARD BISHOP (SUN CITY GIRLS) just another virtuoso or something more powerful, like a magus or sorcerer? It’s hard to tell through the mystic fields that his playing always conjures—but we can hear enough in our somnolence to tell that he is a lord of guitar among the many greats, and that his first Drag City release, Polytheistic Fragments, gathers the glittering slivers of his sound into a divine procession. It goes without saying that Polytheistic Fragments is an instrumental release—who among us would want it otherwise? In the tradition of his classic debut, Salvador Kali, this new record features equal amounts of improvisation and composition. Sir Richard’s powers lie in his ability to captivate with just the sound of his guitar, but he doesn’t completely abandon studio processes, which allow Polytheistic Fragments to communicate a greater wholeness: all Sir Rick, all the time, if you will. In a record with so many spirits, Bishop fills in the space where necessary and rounds out the feeling with catchy tunes such as “Elysium Number Five” and “Ecstasies in the Open Air.” Polytheistic Fragments shows that the divinely inspired Sir Richard Bishop cannot be contained in one form.”

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