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Tones & Zones
LP $18.95

08/10/2010 793447530628 


***BITCHIN BAJAS is the solo project of CAVE’s COPPER CRANE. Cooper's skillful use of melody within his elastic electronic tones is matched by his ability to mix it all (much like he does with Cave) so that there's a lot of sound but even more space and separation between the sounds. Through some sort of cosmic serendipity Important is releasing Tones & Zones at the same time as J.D. Emmanuel's classic Wizards LP from 1981. There are some interesting parallels between Tones & Zones and Wizards. Both artists have a firm grasp of sound without wading too deeply into the blissful waters of New Age melody. Both used an organ and a similar assortment of analog synths and both used the same Tascam reel to reel tape machine for their recordings. Though nearly 30 years separate them they're both generously offering you the opportunity to dive deeply into their own private Tones & Zones. Enjoy. Pressed in an edition of 500 copies.