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On Two Sides

***RESSUED!!! "BLANK DOGS’ proposition does also contain a great deal of the otherworldly, I think you shall find the way in which they resonate uncertain and hazy like transmissions coming from the other side most appealing, like reliable messengers delivering a lost love letter across impossible distances with a fierce passion which reminds me of that most excellent Sir John Maus. Blank Dogs seem to have studied in the cadaverous school of German minimalism where thaumaturgs such as Grauzone excelled, but covered some of the piercing angles with the flesh and blood of the new wave that these Islands did bear, particularly Joy Division and even Young Marble Giants at certain moments of trembling melodic beauty. All laced with that distorted barbed wire one finds in so many promising new acts from the other side of the pond. Formidable material, I am sure you will agree, do purchase their album On Two Sides when it is made available and you shan’t be disappointed."—20 Jazz Funk Greats. Originally released in 2008 on Troubleman.