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Cannibal Apocalypse
LP $34.65

06/30/2015 5053760012986 


***Death Waltz Recording Company has taken another step into the infamous genre of flesh-eating monsters in order to bring you a much-requested score from the field of Italian horror—ALEXANDER BLONKSTEINER's Cannibal (aka Apocalypse Domani). Directed by Antonio Margheriti (YOR, Hunter From The Future) and starring John Saxon (A Nightmare On Elm Street), Cannibal Apocalypse is a nightmarish vision where two Vietnam vets—Saxon and infamous horror actor John Morghen—unleash horror upon the world via a virus that makes the infected want to consume human flesh. Scoring the film is a soundtrack as intense and crazed as the cannibals themselves, although this may not seem immediately apparent. The opening is a lovely sweeping melody with gentle piano and flute and sets a serene and calm stage for the apocalypse to latch onto. The apocalypse itself scores a nine on the funkometer, with militaristic drums and sinister strings being overtaken by wah-wah funk and guitar noodling in a prog-rock vein. It’s both melodic and dischordant, with harsh alternating synth notes combining with shimmering music box notes, and a love theme with a sax that wails more than your average teenager. If you must chow down on someone, make sure Cannibal Apocalypse is spinning on your turntable. Pressed on red vinyl and housed in 425 reverse board jackets with art by ERIC ADRIAN LEE and notes by GIOVANNI LOMBARDO RADICE.

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