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Sing A Song Fighter

Blood Music

Sing A Song Fighter

Static Caravan
CD $14.25

06/26/2006 823566048428 

VAN 114 CD 

***“BLOOD MUSIC’s Sing A Song Fighter!, is a truly righteous demonstration of the electric sound of joy. The new solo project from FIRST FLOOR POWER’s KARL-JONAS WINQVIST is a playful, bubbling, juicy, keys-slathered batch of pop songs and buoyant, sampledelic dance-pop slinkers, with the occasional nod to the rustic folk of his region, courtesy a healthy helping of accordion, mandolin, glockenspiel, flute, and balalaika. What's so intriguing and endearing is the way Karl-Jonas Winqvist puts words and phrases in odd and strange places within these songs. And, you guessed it, the results are magical. He's free forming like Lloyd Cole on a Pro-Tools bender (in a Pro-Tools blender?), and the array of molecules that reside between the beat and the melody and his voice are vibrating with a special sultry energy, while his come-closer conversationally David Byrne/Talking Heads-esque lyrics are as charming as charming is allowed to get nowadays. Sing A Song Fighter is characterized by Karl-Jonas's melancholic and stripped down lyrics and melodies on piano and vocals.”—Karin Nerman

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