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Layman’s Terms


Layman’s Terms

Smart Guy
7" $6.00


SMART 029 

***They're at it again! BOOMGATES return with a second 7-inch that confirms what was suspected after last year's RIP Society-released gem—their debut was no fluke. The songs on the single pick up where the band left off treating the listener to two solid tracks of simple and unadorned indie-pop with nary a hint of pretension. Vocalist BRENDAN HUNTLEY has found his match in STEPH HUGHES and the two play off if each other beautifully on the the A and AA sides. In these two tracks you'll find a nice contrast with the “Layman's Terms” breezy pop being smartly offset by the brooding tension of “Nothing.” Yet another stellar outing from the Melbourne-based combo. Features members of EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING, THE TWERPS and DICK DRIVER. Edition of 500 copies.

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