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Stainless Steel Mirrors

Buck Gooter

Stainless Steel Mirrors

Feeding Tube
LP $21.75

04/15/2016 019962201424 

FTR 244 LP 

***"The last AIDS Wolf tour with Unicorn Hard On we came through Virginia. I looked in the tour book and it said, support: BUCK GOOTER. Buck what? Valerie said, 'you never heard of Buck Gooter? Man, you're in for a treat.' It was a bleak time for the music in general and the pattern was that each opening band was more horrible than the last and each promoter along the way seemed to give less and less of a fuck. Somehow, underneath this Ethiopian restaurant in Harrisonburg Virginia, I met the two gentlefolk known as Buck Gooter: LIGHTENING HANDS BILLY and TERRY TURTLE and I've never been the same henceforth. I could see Buck Gooter being a circuit riding evangelical concern in a John Brunner near-future bummer in which weeeird pathological plutocrats run a landscape on fire and these cats show up and spell it out../ Oh wait! That's EXACTLY how it ACTUALLY is. Never mind. Stainless Steel Mirrors is the sound of Buck Gooter listening to themselves wrapped across a piece of steel. A reflection in sound crafted by none other than DON ZIENTARA at Inner Ear Studio. 'Dustless Grinding' sounds the closest to Laughing Hyenas anyone's come in recent memory. Billy says it's more like the 'Blue Monday' beat and that, furthermore, any band that's been around 10 plus years inevitably hits that point. 'Who Put You In Charge?' This one is a neon-lit Del Shannon cyberclunk weeper. 'Waste Treatment' shows off the range in Billy's singing. Like somehow the Tornado Kid who atoms about the stage during a typical Goot performance is gonna slow down a moment and belt one out, croon for the moon, sing like the birds in Dolphy's backyard..."—Alexander Moskos, Montréal, March 2016. Edition of 200.

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