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Bugs And Rats
LP $21.75

03/10/2015 019962200120 

FTR 183 LP 

***"Nine-song pus-rock explosion by this Quincy, MA, trio with guest vocals on a couple of tracks by KASSIE CARLSON (of GUERILLA TOSS). The sound has a mega-sludge hunch that will make you feel several sweet reefs to the wind, until you fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the ride. The band's pace varies from machine-gun rattle to cough-syrup lunge (sometimes within a single song), so you'll want to make sure your neck is well-braced, too. In the days when dumbos stood around, hanging their heads, shaking them mopily to the beat, BUGS & RATS would have been in the liability chair for any number of lawsuits filed by the parents of weekend-punks from Harvard. Today, thankfully, their status is such that their shows draw more heavily on the underground-lifer contingent. The band's mix of feedback, roar, and thump is one of the hotter mixes currently available in the Eastern Mass area. Without much in the way of fancy-pants scene politics, Bugs & Rats have managed to persist through many waves of fashion-based idiocy with their balls and their bells intact. These gentlemen have gotten to the nut of raunch epistemology. Hope you can dig the lecture"—Byron Coley, 2015. Edition of 400 copies with download.

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