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Colony Collapse Disorder


Colony Collapse Disorder

CD $13.50

11/13/2012 700261947129 

UG 60 CD 

***Colony Collapse Disorder was originally released in 2008 as a very hard-to-find 10” picture disc by Rock Is Hell Records, Austria. Few people were lucky enough to hear this masterpiece of malevolence at the time, but now ugEXPLODE Records presents the definitive reissue, featuring remastered versions of the 12 songs from the vinyl plus 4 recently unearthed bonus tracks from the same session. At the time, BURMESE consisted of two drummers, two bass players and one vocalist. Most of the drumming (by MARK SMALL and WEASEL WALTER) is executed in a tight, martial unision and there are many passages of perfectly rendered, blisteringly fast blastbeats—we don’t know of another band on this planet trying pull off the latter feat.