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7" $13.50


AP 009 

***REISSUED ON TRI-COLOR MEXICAN FLAG VINYL!!! "Early last year, on an undisclosed date, the members of American band, Cattle Decapitation, were found dead in an undisclosed part of Matamoros, Mexico. While on their tour of Mexico, a local told the trio of a horrendous meat-packing plant on the other side of Matamoros. Being the animal lovers that they are, they decided to host a midnight attack on the plant. They were found the next day, dead, throats cut and defiled beyond recognition. Drummer DAVID ASTOR had his throat slit and his face chewed off by rabid dogs. Guitarist GABE SERBIAN was found with throat slit and face beaten, bludgeoned and placed on a barbecue. Vocalist TRAVIS RYAN was shoved into a tree shredder up to his waist. It is believed that when they hopped the fence, with bolt-cutters in hand intended to free the enslaved bovine and other cattle, they were attacked by dogs. Ryan, being an intense canine lover, refused to beat the dogs and fled with Serbian, leaving Astor to fend for himself. From there, investigators have no clue how the band ended up in the horrific way they did. In Astor's pocket was found: 1 DAT tape containing three songs, apparently done in Spanish and believed to originally be from their album Homovore." Edition of 500 copies, with only 100 available for distribution.

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