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Chrome Forest
CDR $14.00

02/21/2012 64721661052 

GR 105 CD 

***CHROME JACKSON is a steely-gray, hard metal of lustrous sound-scrapes and bruises. Poked, plucked and prodded to a perennial high polish, Chrome Jackson's debut album Chrome Forest drags listeners knuckle-first through a corrosive wilderness of winding vascular tissues, interwoven to form a hard psyche. Filled with innovative guitar wrangling and atonal six-string scrambling, Chrome Forest's towering electro-plated frondescence has given way to reveal a dense, chromium-infused understory of infinite realms - a web of overgrown tangles and knots, spaghetti strung in service to a photosynthetic ecosystem out of control. The roots run deep. Chrome Forest has been cultivated by STEPHEN MATTOS, formerly of ARAB ON RADAR and ATHLETIC AUTOMATON. In addition to Chrome Jackson, he is presently a member of DOOMSDAY STUDENT. Pressed on MOD CDs.

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