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Death, Doom And Destruction


Death, Doom And Destruction

Hells Headbangers
2XLP $20.95



***A a special reissue edition of CIANIDE's classic Death, Doom and Destruction. One of the cultest names in American death metal, Cianide have stuck to their guns for over 25 years now, patiently building a canon that's unrivaled in its consistency and trend-free philosophy. Theirs is a Metal of Death that's simple, straightforward, and effectively primitive: blunt-force trauma informed by Hellhammer and Chicago forebears DeathStrike, but with a sewer-dredging atmosphere all its own. Released in 1997, during an era where death metal was definitely in the doldrums, Cianide's Death, Doom and Destruction stuck out like the proverbial sore thumb, eschewing gore, breakdowns, and blastbeats in favor of time-honored traditions like Death, headbanging gallops, and immediately memorable songwriting. Includes the doomed 'n' disgusting Rage War 1996 demo and The Truth 7" as bonus tracks, the latter including a cover version of the Master title track and a 1996 version of "The Dying Truth." Pressed on gold/silver vinyl.