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Confusing Mix Of Nations


Confusing Mix Of Nations

Mexican Summer
LP $20.65

06/19/2020 184923128116 


***Their debut for Mexican Summer, CMON's Confusing Mix of Nations is an album of pop ambition that understands "pop" to be a state of mind, not a state of sales. Each of the ten tracks reads like a postcard from a different aesthetic era, from the heavy atmospherics and melancholic soul reminiscent of REGAL DEGAL, the duo's prior project, to the four-on-the-floor EBM rhythm grids and sublime AOR guitar lines picked from pop's outer limits. "Zoo," the first single off the forthcoming release, is a dark-tinted portrait of love, painted from a distance. JOSH DA COSTA and JAMEN WHITELOCK move like a fast car through a black Pacific Northwest night, a bit of Twin Peaks fog obscuring da Costa’s view of the person he’s singing for.