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Earth Jerks

Computer Tapes: File # 09 Aka Mystifying Origins Of...

Computer Tapes
MC $5.25


FILE # 09 

Recorded sporadically between oh, say February and October 2016, Earth Jerks return to physical media with the 9th release for Computer Tapes “Mystifying Origins of…”. 8 tracks of thematically not dis-similar, organ-drone, rock and roll music. Blanketed in fuzz and reverb and compressed to all get-out, the songs muse on the Californian ideal of having nothing to do and not enough time to do it. (literary references can be found in Johnny Bob Goldstein era Black Flag and Kris Kristofferson’s early output) Slow rolling psychedelic surf music, waves of feedback, the golden hour and the fog that conceals it; there in and of itself is the Earth Jerks sound.  This limited-edition cassette was speedily manufactured by A to Z Audio Services of Parma, OH. and comes packaged in a handsome, if not surprisingly durable Stumptown Printers cardstock cassette case. Emblazoned with a super groovy, hand-stamped image of Francoise Hardy, this one is certain make the bespoke pscyh/drone set swoon with dreaminess.     RIYL: Poppin’ pills, Two-Lane Blacktop, ingesting marijuana in small-dose edible forms (so you only get “kind of” high) and musically speaking, acts such as Zomes, Spacemen 3 and other stuff that’s like, you know, “psychedelic”.

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