Weeks, Chris Contemplation Moon


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Label # UPC 751937519980
Street DateMay 25th, 2013

Since my formative years I have found great solace while staring up at the night sky, searching for constellations, losing myself among the stars. I’ve spent countless hours enveloped by the majesty of this simple meditation.  One can feel immeasurably small when staring into space; a microscopic entity, dwarfed by this epic universe. When I was a boy I read that: “There are more stars in our universe than grains of sand on Earth". This mind-boggling statement has stayed with me to this day; becoming a key inspiration in the conception and aesthetic realisation of this album.  The thought of something so vast; being so insignificant, so miniscule, both troubles and pleases me in equal measure. It can be overwhelming to contemplate your 'place' in this universe; yet at the same time, the limitless scope of possibilities fuels my thoughts, filling me with a great sense of freedom.  Contemplation Moon is a natural thematic progression from my previous releases ‘A Haunting Sun’ & 'A Deconstructed Sun’; however, its focus is far removed from the immediate, physical world. It is a work of deep ambient soundscapes, dynamic textures and symphonic, subtly evolving drones; a reflection of late night thoughts, musings, and open-minded abstraction; intentionally blurring the lines between reality and the imagined. As such, it juxtaposes 'the-self' with the celestial, the metaphorical with the metaphysical, the philosophical with the somewhat unfathomable.


  1. #1 Moon [Phase#1] Luminescent
  2. #2 Moon [Phase#2] Melancholy
  3. #3 Moon [Phase#3] Desolation
  4. #4 Moon [Phase#4] Apparition
  5. #5 Moon [Phase#5] Isolation
  6. #6 Moon [Phase#6] Relocation
  7. #7 Moon [Phase#7] Celestial
  8. #8 Moon [Phase#8] Expiration
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