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Cooking With Wolves

Aurora Borealis
CD $11.25


ACE 002 CD 

Where there are wolves, there is the digger SMOLKEN. Left for dead two years ago when he left the murderous heat of Central Texas for the place of his birth, Poland, WOLFMANGLER has now been recast in rusted iron for its latest incarnation. Once a revolving door of different lineups, WOLFMANGLER is now the sole brainchild of Smolken. One thing remains the same, however. This is still some of the grimmest, most desolate doom metal on the planet. Following a split CD with Moss and a full-length release on UK metal institution, Aurora Borealis, Cooking With Wolves is Smolken's first Wolfmangler release in it's new Polish form. What he concocts barely qualifies as music. It's more like the sonic equivalent of the Black Death. Heavy bass riffs, pounded and beaten into tracts of molten lava, spew pure dissonance like venom from a forked tongue. It is music for the funeral of civilization, an epic dirge to finally burn out the fire of the sun.

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