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Shit’s Fucked


Shit’s Fucked

It's Alive
CD $12.25

06/25/2013 633757241428 

IAR 50 CD 

2XLP $25.75


IAR 50 

***THE COPYRIGHTS hit the ground running in 2002. They pumped life back into the near dead pop punk scene of the time and turned it on its ear. They redefined the pop punk genre and added something it never really had—an anthem. They turned what was once a VFW Hall full of leather jacket Converse Chuck Taylor wearing toe tapping and head bobbing kids into a basement packed with sweat-soaked people of all ages and all kinds going nuts and screaming along with every word to every song while floating crowd surfers and dodging stage divers. Some might think this version of history is fucked, but I challenge them to name a pop punk band that came before The Copyrights that acted as a catalyst to the change of what was the pop punk scene of yesteryear to what is the pop punk scene of today. Sure, many more came after and did a lot for the scene and brought it to new levels, but The Copyrights opened that door and paved that road.

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