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Hymns Of Faith
LP $21.75



***Very few records deserve the tag of classic, but Hymns of Faith is a classic record! Recorded by a band that was in the throes of death, this mini-LP features seven tracks of political punk (although some would describe it as post-punk, an insult of the worst kind), covering the political spectrum from the Italian Red Brigades to the Kanada Kommando of Auschwitz. The LP may have lacked the bite of the earlier singles, but Hymns was innovative and original, and has never been bettered, yet alone equalled. Forget "Killed By Death," this my friends is the real deal! After CRISIS, DOUGLAS P and TONY WAKEFORD formed DEATH IN JUNE and LUKE RENDALL joined THEATRE OF HATE. Kneel and bow in reverence to Hymns of Faith!