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Cute Horse Cut


French art-pop pioneers Gablé have caused a significant stir of late. After spending the past year experimenting with a bizarre collection of odds and ends lying ’round their studio and home, they present the fabulously eccentric and catchy album Cute Horse Cut, self-described as “luxury DIY.” Using strange sounds and outlandish instruments, Gablé pulverizes the barriers between genres with songs held together by masterful pop melodies. Darting from sugary sweet choruses to menacing stabs into darkness, they bring to mind legions of flute-touting punks playing destructive folk songs at one massive electro banquet. Alongside the bird noises and pots and pans are a wonderful array of instruments including a toy piano, accordion, banjo, cello and timpani. But despite all the wild noise, it’s the songs that remain. Gablé has performed a variety of extraordinary shows at which they make music from vacuum cleaners and the tearing apart of wooden boxes. After playing with a choir of fifteen elderly men and women in a special one-off production at the Transmusicalles Festival, they covered the entire age spectrum by then performing with a children’s school choir for Rockomotiv. Most recently they did a special show with the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra at the Festival D’ille de France. 2011 will see Gablé continue their busy touring schedule with shows all over Europe and far beyond.

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