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Dark Green Sea

Infinite Best

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Infinite Best's newest signing, the Chicago band Distractions, requires an inordinate amount of attention considering their moniker; they combine the detail of Arthur Russell and the sentiment of Bill Callahan on a Scott Walker-sized stage of weird. The effect of band leader Tom Owens's baritone voice, starkly contrasted by the noir pop that surrounds it, is that of a jarring blow. At once opaque yet ornate as a church spire, Distractions' melodies smolder while songs to confront the listeners in unsettling altercations that they only remember the next morning.

Dark Green Sea is Distractions' debut album. Originally released in a limited, cassette-only edition on the illustrious Plus Tapes label, it was remixed and mastered for vinyl by Udbhav Gupta of the band Twin Sister.


  1. #1 All Night

  2. #2 Money Is Ugly

  3. #3 We Were Better Off in the Rain

  4. #4 Baby Steps

  5. #5 My Gold

  6. #6 Please Slow Down

  7. #7 Not Gonna Go Away

  8. #8 Heartbeats

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