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12-inch Ep
12" $11.25


RHR 058 

***“DAVILA 666 are in full-on take no prisoners mode. We asked them for a couple songs for a 7-inch and what we got was five near perfect pop anthems that would never fit on a 7-inch. Of course we wanted them all so we threw them on a 12-inch and what you’re getting is probably their best release to date. These songs are instantly addicting but unlike other Puerto Rican imports consumption is no crime, it's encouraged! On top of that their live show is one of the best around and their constant touring has left a path of amazed fans. It’s no wonder that when we booked the Atlanta Mess Around the legendary Urinals asked specifically not to be placed after Davila 666 in the lineup!! Who in their right mind would want to follow Davila 666?”—666 pressed.