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CD $10.50



SHOTWELL was formed in the Mission District of San Francisco by JIMMY JAZZ AARON COMETBUS, and PAUL CURRAN in 1994. They made their name playing guerrilla street shows at venues such as 24th Street BART (Subway) Station, Dolores Park, abandoned warehouses and construction sites around San Francisco and Oakland. They managed to replicate these impromptu venues across the US and Canada. From Food Not Bombs events in People’s Park, Berkeley to the W.T.O. Riots in Seattle; with a generator and an extension chord, Shotwell could show up and play just about anywhere. With all the confusion of the gigs, it would be easy to consider Shotwell just another political punk band screaming about the government. The difference is evidenced in Jimmy’s songwriting and lyrics. Twenty-five years and as many band members later Shotwell releases Dead Bats—featuring Jazz, STEVE MORIARTY (THE GITS, PINKOS, ST. BUSHMILLS CHOIR), JOE FUCKO (NAKED AGGRESSION, STRYCHNINE)—It has the same fury of the early Shotwell singles and albums but this album is different. There are two minute melodic punk songs cleverly skewing Government, State sponsored injustice and hypocrisy; listen closer and unveil deeply personal stories executed with poetic clarity and intelligence. Dead Bats celebrates Struggle and defends the connection to our community and the natural environment. This album represents the still beating heart of the San Francisco collective Art and punk music community since the late '70s, "Bloodied but unbowed”. Features guest spots from IVY JEAN (MIAMI) and avant-jazz saxophonist PHIL DEAL.

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