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Orange Trumpet


Orange Trumpet

Soft Abuse
LP $14.50


SAB 34 

***Armed with an arsenal of trumpet, guitar, drums and Casio, the trio make a glorious, semi-spontaneous sort of eccentric pop music that’s drawn comparisons (rightly or wrongly) to the likes of Ennio Morricone, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, The Magic Band, Moondog and even The Minutemen. The thirty tracks that comprise Orange Trumpet, the trio's defining statement, are amongst their earliest creations. Orange Trumpet plays like a minimalist, mariachi-esque version of Grow-Up’s The Best Thing; it’s brimming with ideas and presented with loose abandon. A jaunty melancholy, with echoes of Tori Kudo and Tenniscoats, is present throughout, regardless if the boys are shuffling thru haunted dirges, garage-y workouts, or other points in between. Vinyl only release, limited to 400 copies. (STREET DATE - 9/15/2009)