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This Is Riphop
CD $12.25

11/09/2004 694630012122 

TMU 121 CD 

***The complete discography by legendary hip-hop pioneers DEATH COMET CREW. Recorded in 1983 and 1984, the tracks contained were pulled from various recording sessions and some live shows from back in the day. DCC helped usher in a more forward-thinking approach to hip hop, and their influence is visible in acts like EL-P and MF Doom, who both openly acknowledge them as an inspiration. Listening to This Is Riphop, you can hear things never before used in hip hop, the sound collages, the white noise, the snippets from TV and movies. Before DCC, rappers were looping basslines and breakbeats and taking the loop; DCC added a more experimental and layered element to their sound that would be taken to the mainstream years later with PUBLIC ENEMY and NWA.