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LP $15.50


DTR 038 

***NOW AVAILABLE!!! A new offering, and vinyl debut, from Richmond's DECADES/FAILURES. Darkwave, coldwave, post-punk... Whatever you call it, it's eight songs of raw and urgent loner pulse. A suite of songs that followed quickly on the heels of this year's previous cassette releases; the lauded 002 full length and February 14th single. GOODBY3 finds Decades/Failures restlessly evolving beyond the claustrophobic dark-synth frameworks of previous releases, creating a more minimal, airy yet tense atmosphere. The sonic palette has expanded too, the variety of synth sounds are dazzling dark jewels, and a strident guitar cuts through much of the album, with dour nods to Wire and early Cure. This is in part due to the addition of new member ALEXIS IVY, whom Decades/Failures' mainstay ADAM happened upon while searching out ancient electronic albums in thrift stores. And though it is said there is strength in numbers, the feeling of utter dejection and defeat that pervades this album will soak deep into the bones of listeners. Just listen to the reverb-cloaked whispers amidst the panicked rhythms of theses songs and know that all is not well. And it never will be...

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