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Maniac / Liles / Czral

Det Skjedde Noe Nar Du Var I Belgia

Dirter Promotions
CD $18.60

11/17/2009 823566496922 


**Dirter Promotions presents a recording that has been caught in a 13-year time warp and within the bizarre narrative of a humble Norwegian discussing "topical Belgian issues" from the very edge of West Yorkshire. This very strange recording sees former MAYHEM front man MANIAC (SKITLIV, SEHNSUCHT, BOMBEROS) teaming up with ANDREW LILES and CZRAL (VIRUS, BED BUENS ENDE, AURA NOIR, DODHELMSGARD) to release an album that he and Czral began working on in 1996. Det Skjedde Noe Når Du Var I Belgia ("Something Happened While You Were In Belgium") occurred through happenstance: "It wasn't something we expected to do at all," explained Maniac. "Czral and I had recorded the original material all those years ago but other commitments had meant that we were never able to get round to finishing it off and releasing it, and I'd brought it with me to the UK for my manager to listen to just out of interest, but it was a DAT tape and she didn't have the right equipment for it. I was also visiting Andrew Liles who was mastering the new Skitliv album, and preparing to master the new Sehnsucht album, so we converted the tape in his studio. Andrew's enthusiasm for what he heard got the better of him, and we started working on it straight away." A sneak-peak track reveals warped electronics matched with keyboard swirls, found-sound voices, drones and other faraway, ringing effects. An intriguing project that sees the best of black metal's past merge with experimental/sound art, forming an intriguing, chimerical collaboration.

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