Dirty Beaches Drifters / Love Is The Devil


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Label # ZM 015 LPUPC 655035042510
Street DateMay 21st, 2013
Label # ZM 015 CDUPC 655035042527
Street DateMay 21st, 2013
Label # UPC 655035042527
Street DateMay 21st, 2013

Dirty Beaches, a.k.a. Alex Zhang Hungtai, started off as a one-man band in 2005 in Montreal. A trans-Pacific nomad and genre-hopping sound-smith, he has released music ranging from drone instrumentals to film scores, and possesses a fascination for dissecting popular American music like blues, rockabilly, soul, R&B and hip hop, often rendering it to a point where it is no longer recognizable. Hungtai’s latest release, Drifters / Love Is the Devil, is a sprawling double-album that chronicles the musician’s life on the road over the past two years—through the labyrinths of Berlin, Belgrade, Paris, and many other cities; through heartbreak, rebirth and masochistic, existential self-reflection. Recorded between Montreal and Berlin in the winter of 2012, the two halves of Drifters / Love Is the Devil are separated only by aesthetics, as they are tightly woven together thematically as one conceptual piece. If 2011’s Badlands was an exercise in exorcising past ghosts in a semi-fictional world, then Drifters / Love Is the Devil is a reflection on the fragility of reality—that of the outside world in which the artist explores the nightlife of bright neon temptations and hedonistic values, and that of the inner world, one of remorse and lovelorn tragedies.


  1. #1 Night Walk
  2. #2 I Dream In Neon
  3. #3 Belgrade
  4. #4 Casino Lisboa
  5. #5 ELLI
  6. #6 Aurevoir Mon Visage
  7. #7 Mirage Hall
  8. #8 Landscapes In The Mist
  9. #9 Greyhound At Night
  10. #10 This Is Not My City
  11. #11 Woman
  12. #12 Love Is The Devil
  13. #13 Alone At The Danube River
  14. #14 I Don't Know How To Find My Way Back To You
  15. #15 Like The Ocean We Part
  16. #16 Berlin
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