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Drone Head

Cardinal Fuzz

Cardinal Fuzz are proud to present from Stockholm, Sweden, THE JANITORS. Fueled by folköl and an uncontrollable urge to hiss and make noise the Janitors went into their own studio Psych grottan and during 2012 gave birth to two EPs, a couple of singles and remixes and a lot of raised eyebrows from audiences and blogs from all over the world. The shamanic psychedelic trance of darkness and drone of the The Worker Drone Queen and Head Honcho EPs ended up on more than a few end of years best ofs. The recordings eventually found their way into the hands of Cardinal Fuzz who on the spot decided to release the whole shebang on a glorious 2x12" gatefold vinyl. Also exclusive to this release are the AL LOVER remix of "Death Song" and STRSSMNT remix of “Coming Down,” plus a brand new track "Nevereverism.” The Janitors give love to noise, monotony and pop songs and mainly consist of two people in love with the darker side of the ‘80s with heroes like Loop, Spacemen 3 and JAMC. We call what we do stökpsych or evil shoegaze boo-gie woogie, you decide for yourself. Head Honcho is voted best EP of 2012 by Tally Ho! Honorable mention on Styrofoam drones Top 10 EPs of the year! Limited to 230 for distribution. UK import.

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Cardinal Fuzz