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Sing Songs
LP $15.50


SH 130 

***Formed in 2004 in Oakland California. This band is a side project for some and a side, side project for others. Everyone in the band is in other bands like Swingin' Utters, Filthy Thieving Bastards, Knuckle Up (California), Moonshine, Butterface and Hot Heresy. As well as past bands like Forfeit The Day. Their debut record, "Sing Songs" is getting pressed on wax from your friends at Vinyl Collective (licensed from our friends Red Scare). This album fits in nicely with the very best of the Swingin Utters. If you weren't thinking about it, you would think that you are listening to a brand new Utters album. The album rocks all the way through and ends with a bonus track, a cover of the Replacements "Favorite Thing" that sounds like what it might sound like if the Clash had covered it. 

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