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Klip Aught
7" $5.40


CDR 054 

***Let's start with a re-cap of the discography of EL JESUS DE MAGICO. There's the crust punk rental property destroying Scratch Acid-ish x-tendo jams of their first CD, and there's the underground Taiwanese jungle kick boxing circuit bending chants of their last LP. There's the darker side of Flying Nun indie by way of Skin Graft on their Unclean Ghost single and there's the AM radio conspiracy theorist Kennedy family bad vibes occultism of their Funeral Home Sessions EP, and now there's this—their third single and fifth release. This record swings from Spacemen 3 to Jesus and Mary Chain to Dinosaur Jr. to the Puddle to Mayo Thompson without a lot of effort. All of the weirdness is distills into a single that hangs around in the neighborhood of their earlier singles. A tight pop music take on a thousand-million little bits of twenty-five years of underground music, all kind of run through the energy you get from recording and practicing around ghosts, corpses, milk crates full of fan club vinyl and pictures of obscure American Aristocrats in a downtown funeral home in Columbus, OH. Edition of 500 all in unique, hand screen printed sleeves.

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