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New Moodio
LP $13.75

05/21/2013 637051250025 


***BACK IN PRINT!!! During the early days of the fall of 1991, ELEVENTH DREAM DAY was in the first phase of the write/record/release/tour cycle, the band realized that things weren't just quiet, they were dead quiet. Atlantic Records had almost no communication with the band, and most importantly had not sent the required letter that legally bound them to release their contracted third record. Management contacted the label to point out that the band no longer was tied to their contract, which the label acknowledged. Eleventh Dream Day was free. The material that appears on New Moodio was recorded on their own dime, with the intent to find a new label to put it out. Recorded at Idful Studios in Chicago with BRAD WOOD at the dials (Liz Phair recorded "Exile In Guyville" with Wood there just months later), these songs were being shopped around when Danny Goldberg—who now was running Atlantic—came to Chicago and made his pitch to the group over lunch. The band was impressed by what he had to say, and made the inference that if he went to this effort to get the band back, he and the label must really care. He urged Eleventh Dream Day to start over with a new producer, and the band spent the better part of 1992 working on what would become El Moodio, their third and final major label record. The songs on New Moodio have stayed in the vaults for twenty years, forgotten. Three songs ("Thinking Out Loud," "Where is My Saint," "Everywhere Down Here") have never appeared anywhere previously, one ("Dakota"), found its way onto the compilation Milk For Pussy, "Sunflower" was re-recorded as an El Moodio CD single extra, and the rest were re-recorded in 1992 with JIM RONDINELLI in New York for the El Moodio CD—never released on vinyl in the U.S. Edition of 500 copies with download.

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