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Some Gift
LP $27.25

11/11/2022 5056321642486 

WSR 038 LP 

***"Enablers (no the) first made music together in San Francisco in 2002. Their individual histories join the dots through the major musical events in America of the '80s and '90s: the fertile Texas underground, Homestead Records, New York noise, Bay Area metal, the post- Nevermind goldrush and everything that got left in its wake. As with all the best bands, they formed by accident. Author and poet Pete Simonelli convinced guitarists (and fellow bar-dwellers) Joe Goldring (Swans) and Kevin Thomson (Nice Strong Arm) to provide musical backing for a few poems. The addition of drummer Yuma Joe Byrnes (of 4AD's Tarnation) sparked Enablers into life, away from the cerebral idea of a 'book project' and into the infinite possibilities of a living, breathing band. We agreed that (Enablers) were not going to sound like much of what had already come before in the vein of 'spoken word' recordings: a voice in front of a droning, basically static piece of music. We wanted solid musical compositions with dynamic and tense arrangements."—Pete They've been doing that very thing, collectively, from day one. Simonelli punctuates the thrilling out-rock of the musicians as if directing the chaos with each jabbed finger or kick of a boot, rhythms explode on a single syllable or are seemingly sucked back into their shell by a breath in the text. Goldring and Thomson constantly reinvent the wheel, using the limitations of guitar to their advantage, always surprising listeners with new possibilities. It is primal, powerful, and absolutely hardcore. In the tradition of the punk and underground era they grew up in, Enablers have always treated each new recording as a bookmark in time used to generate resources to tour. Some Gift is their seventh LP and the first on Wrong Speed Records. It represents a summation of the history of the band. It recalls the incendiary power of the early records whilst being delivered with a loose, human feel that can only have been cultivated through the time and experiences they share together. These seemingly gradual changes in sound from album to album reveal themselves as revelations once fully experienced and understood as a whole. It sounds like this music comes effortlessly to the players, yet it leaves the listener punch drunk, exhausted and elated.

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