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Eyes Of Love

End Of The Game

Wharf Cat

End of The Game is the anticipated debut full length by EYES OF LOVE, a band helmed by Brooklyn songwriter ANDREA SCHIAVELLI. Assembling a crew of some of the most skilled musicians in New York’s underground; LILY KONIGSBERG (PALBERTA, LILY AND THE HORN HORSE), SAMMY WEISSBERG (THE CRADLE, SWEET BABY JESUS), PACO CATHCART (The Cradle, SHIMMER), Schiavelli has cultivated a long player that is obedient to feeling and pulsates with urgent, anxious beauty. These 14 tracks harness the chaos of reckless abandon amid classic structures. Fans of Eyes of Love’s self titled 7” EP will recognize a mastery of breezy pop in tracks like “Homeowners” and “Players of the Field.” We see the band turn toward experimentation on tracks like “New,” which alternates between driving power pop and percussive breakdown. The lush strings, arranged by Weissberg, on tracks like “Elevator” and “End of The Game” starkly frame Shiavelli’s earnest songs while adding a depth and variation to this albums’ song-cycle, as do the solo piano instrumentals “Piano1 Final” and “New Piano.” The full band tracks on End of The Game were recorded live, have no overdubs and are mixed with little or no effects—a rare technique these days and a sign of a band devoted to the details of their arrangements.

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