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Evening Molasses

Energy Gown

Evening Molasses

Alona's Dream
LP $11.00



***Evening Molasses finds ENERGY GOWN’s bad vibe/outsider psych in full force, diving deep down into the darkest droned out corners of Japanese psych weirdness, crawling up through the analog wasteland of art damaged krautrock and resurfacing somewhere in the most menacing strung-out corners of the late ‘60s US/UK lysergic garage rock scenes. Pink Fairies, Can, Les Rallizes Denudes, Love, Parsson Sound, 13th Floor Elevators? Definitely! However, Evening Molasses takes in all those bad trips of the past and turns them inside out, like only a band of misfits raised on punk/post-punk records could. This is not safe music, nor some hippie flower power psych or for that matter RnR for the sober. This is some fucked up mesmerizing psych from one of Chicago’s best and daring bands.

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