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Knifehandchop / Dj Aneurysm

Evil Doppelganger - Shotgun Wedding Vol 2

Violent Turd
CD $6.75


turd 14CD 

In the second installment of, Shotgun Wedding — Violent Turd’s strictly limited virtual soundclash series — DJ combat gets taken to the next level with Toronto’s Knifehandchop pitted against Oakland’s DJ Aneurysm in a fever-pitched hardcore massacre. Knifehandchop, best known for quick-witted and always danceable releases on Tigerbeat6 and Irritant, comes correct with a 40-minute mashup (embedded with a Venetian Snares / System Of A Down highlight) that mixes the sleazy pop of Khia, Daft Punk, RZA and Kool Moe Dee with the best hardcore hits from his own back catalogue, and unreleased friends’ tracks. Nowza, it doesn’t get any more twisted than this. DJ Aneurysm, musical mastermind of Switchcraft Records and winner of many underground hardcore / noise / gabber turntablist contests, takes things to a more multidimensional level of perversion, constantly mixing between turntables and laptops, combining DSP and scratching, and mixing in lots of his own new tracks over the best hard techno and grimy hiphop, jungle and gabber.  • Very limited split mix CD by two special mash-ochists • Previous Knifehandchop releases are consistent sellers 

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