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Farvel Til Slaegt Og Venner!

Violent Turd
12" $3.50


turd 08 

Puzzleweasel is 22-year-old Peter Dahlgren: born in Zürich, lived in Amsterdam and Stockholm, now residing in Aarhus, Denmark. Awakened early one somber Monday morning by a guy muttering about some Music-n-Midi course starting a few minutes later, the Puzzleweasel was dragged into an in-depth study of Logic Audio (his current software weapon of choice) and studio technique. Combining this newly acquired knowledge with early musical influences (the twistedness of Texas Faggott, Nam Shub of Enki, the beats of Noia DnB, and the intensity of harsh noise), his ambition was to create what was then lacking in the Scandinavian scene: a full-frontal attack on the dancefloor. Mixing crispy sounds with harsh schizophrenic beats, this tight, fourtrack EP is an excellent showcase of Puzzleweasel’s skillz. Soundwise, these tracks fall somewhere between Richard Devine and Venetian Snares, with a playful sci-fi edge and an unabashed love of throbbing jungle basslines and snarerushes à la Squarepusher and Aphex Twin. Puzzleweasel has worked with the electronica genius Sofus Forsberg (, and Sara Saxild of the highly acclaimed Danish instrumental experimental group Underbyen. Recent Puzzleweasel productions delve into more experimental realms; expect a full length album later this year.

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