Mattson 2 Feeling Hands


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After the release of their debut album and two years of touring, writing and collaborating, The Mattson 2 (Jonathan, drums, and Jared, guitar / bass) present Feeling Hands, a record steeped in breezy jazz brilliance and the swagger of surf and sun.  On “Mexican Synth,” the listener is sprinkled with a shimmering guitar riff; elsewhere hides deft string orchestration (“Spaceman 2”) and a crooning Coltrane sax (“Ode to Lou”). The rhythmic elements are a vast collection of inspirations both past and present, triggering everything from post-punk daydreams (“Obvious Crutch”) to Gabor Szabo (“Pleasure Point”) to vintage 8mm surf parties (“Man from Anamnesis”). Over the course of the album, the duo champions the riffs of Dick Dale while triggering the confidence of Morrissey and the swoon of Chet Baker. Proving that no duo is an island, the Mattsons enlisted the talents of Galaxia labelmates Ray Barbee and Tommy Guerrero to lay down a few riffs on tracks “Chi Nine” and “Give Inski’s.” Recorded with Thomas Campbell and engineer Monte Vallier, Feeling Hands defies genre, emphasizing the evolution of their sound with new experiments in overdubbing, instrumentation and layering aesthetics. It’s a dynamic journey focusing on orchestration and composition, bringing together elements of jazz, new wave, punk and ’60s surf rock.  “I think Feeling Hands is a culmination of our relationship with Thomas,” says Jonathan, “from the concise songwriting and collaboration, to the musical orchestration of the pieces, to the subtle recording techniques used by Monte.”