Black Sun Roof Feral


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Label # VHF 131UPC 783881013115
Street DateNovember 27th, 2012
Label # UPC 783881013115
Street DateOctober 16th, 2012

Feral marks the return of Matthew Bower’s Sunroof! (in the guise of Black Sun Roof), for their first recording in five years. Quiet since 2007’s blistering Panzer Division Lou Reed, the group delivers a more introspective set here, reaching back to the fuzzy, spacey sounds of releases like the epic double-CD Bliss. Among the drifting sonic washes, there’s the crude, Dead C-like riffing of “Lions + Peonies” and the lock-grooved tremolo of “Son of the Blue Wolf” (referencing previous triumphs like Cloudz).  Bower says: “I have a problem with the term ‘psychedelia’ [and its] negative associations of a ‘hippie’ falseness. Nevertheless, my arte is, I know, deeply psychedelic in a true sense, a kind of synaesthesisia, a scrambling, an overload that seeks Samadhi in its primal gush, that will reconnect one with the all, or rather, a ‘black psychedelia,’ substituting the elective current, for ‘all’....” In addition to the all-new tracks on the LP, the package also includes a bonus CD featuring a Bower-curated overview of his work. Many of the tracks on the 75-min Zebra Blood CD are from scarce or out-of-print recordings, including “Austrian Shade” from an impossible-to-find Total seven-inch. Also included is the epic and exclusive new track “Spirit Animal Danzig.”


  1. #1 Shit Slaughter
  2. #2 Lions & Peonies
  3. #3 My Dark Angel
  4. #4 Temple of Mithras
  5. #5 Night Mare's Milk
  6. #6 Son of the Blue Wolf
  7. #7 Shadow of the Golden Fire
  8. #8 Machine
  9. #9 Spirit Animal Danzig
  10. #10 Austrian Shade
  11. #11 Latex Unicorn
  12. #12 Frogs
  13. #13 Dharma Gin
  14. #14 She is the Darkness / The Argument
  15. #15 Little Ornamental Lake of Death
  16. #16 Sky Burial
  17. #17 Marijuana Suicide
  18. #18 Zebra
  19. #19 Trampled Dawns
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