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Finders Keepers
LP $9.25


CRR 004 

***NOW AVAILABLE!!! THE FINDERS continued the power pop path set by their previous incarnation, the ROCKERS. After solidifying a new line-up consisting of JOHN “ROCK” PERGA, PHIL SCHRAUB, BRYAN ALLINSMITH and JOHN SAN FILIPPO, the band began working on a series of demos before entering the studio to record their first single featuring “It’s So Insane” and “Which Way.” The band created a theatrical stage show which included John puking into a toilet during their song “Bad Food,” the B-Side of their second single. The A-Side was a track called “Calling Dr. Howard,” which paid homage to the Three Stooges. When Moe Howard’s daughter saw the cover of the picture sleeve which illustrated John throwing up beside a poster of the Three Stooges, she had a cease and desist letter sent out which forced the band to change the cover image. Nonetheless, the song became a popular local radio hit and they even made a music video for it that saw rotation on MTV. The Finders later added a second guitar player named MARK NEWCOMB and went in the studio to record a full length album with former Move manager TONY SECUNDA producing. After completion, they found their label had gone belly up and things spiralled downhill from there with the band ultimately splitting up in the summer of 1983. The tapes from their last recording session sat in the Mobius Studios vault for over 20 years before Phil and Dennis rescued them. Now for the first time ever on vinyl, Cheap Rewards Records is honored to deliver the best recordings from those session along with quality studio and demo material in one great package.

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